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What is a wall wrap and what can you do with them?

Wall wraps are an exceptional way to convey your message and business branding.  

A wall wrap is a customizable printed vinyl print with special adhesive
properties that can aggressively attach to your wall, sheetrock, and yes
even brick. 

We have been trained in the latest techniques in wall and floor graphics. 

                        Different wrap uses

Menus & information boards 

What better
way to inform your
customers of your 
services and prices
plastering all over your walls?
A picture is worth a thousand words.
People prefer pictures over reading.  
By having pictures of your menu or
services, you provide your customers
with a perfect tool to better inform them.

Interior walls
Walking into a business
with clear and informative
wall graphics give your
customers a soothing feeling.  
Your customers will be
directed to a specific area
of your store, making their 
shopping experience more


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Exterior walls

We can wrap most types of walls, stucco, sheetrock, concrete, and bricks.

Most storefronts have big open areas that can be used to showcase your logo and services. Impress your customers as soon as they set
foot in your business.

Wrapping walls take  skills, knowledge, and the correct tools to avoid 
Adhesion faliure.  




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